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The domain/website www.gallibaba.com is a startup. Gallibaba.com is doing its marketing studies and running trials to better suit and customer’s needs. (Yet to be incorporated under the Companies Act). Gallibaba.com provides services to create understand and manage webpages to verities of business as available on its Home page.


GalliBaba.com is the name of our business. Basically Galli meaning “Street” and Baba meaning “Advisor/Helper”—“Street Advisor/Helper”. This is an Online Platform uniquely designed for the Local street Shops/Business to help them grow and bring their Offline Business to Online. GalliBaba is an online service based platform, which offers local shopkeepers to create webpage of their shops/business. This idea is unique in nature and the platform invented can dynamically allow almost all types of shops to create their webpage. Let it be Grocery, Saloon, Lawyer, Doctor, and Tailor, Plumber or any other legally allowed business you can think of.


If you use or visit the Gallibaba.com, You shall be subject to the policies that are applicable to the Website for such transactions. By mere use of the Website, You shall be contracting with Gallibaba.com and these terms and conditions including the policies constitute. Your registration as a member of Gallibaba.com or the use of any of the features and services on gallibaba.com either as a registered member or as an unregistered visitor constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions and the privacy policy. These terms and conditions automatically applies to any new services or features introduced on gallibaba.com. Gallibaba.com reserves the right to update the terms, conditions and notices of this agreement without any notice to you. It is your responsibility to periodically review the most current version of this agreement as your continued use of gallibaba.com signifies your acceptance of any changed terms. By impliedly or expressly accepting these Terms of Use, You also accept and agree to be bound by gallibaba.com Policies (Including but not limited to Privacy Policy  as amended from time to time.)

On inputting or entering mobile number or any other details on www.gallibaba.com while registering or using/visiting any of the services offered by Gallibaba.com you give a consent to Gallibaba and all its partners, vendors or visitors to contact you, even though your number is under Do Not Disturb Database or Any such Databases. In case user/visitor does not want to receive any messages/calls on his / her mobile number, he / she shall not submit his / her mobile number on www.gallibaba.com. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions or with the privacy policy of gallibaba.com, you are NOT granted rights to use Gallibaba.com or any of its services and must not register as a member of gallibaba.com or use/visit any of its services.

Explanation and expectations from the Services at Gallibaba.com

Gallibaba.com does not endorse or advertise any particular business/local shops or brands. It is open for all kind of legally accepted business/shops who wish to create a webpage on Gallibaba.com. Galliababa.com cannot and does not guarantee the quality, or reliability of a business. We do not take any responsibility for any errors or misleading data on the webpages of Gallibaba.com. However on noticing any issues, we will try our best to edit/modify or remove errors which are brought to our attention. Gallibaba.com cannot be the only source to decide or judge on a business nor it should be used for such purposes.

Gallibaba.com is a web platform, where all most all types of business can create a webpage for their business. You may use the home page of the site to check the types of business we can accommodate... If you think your business should be added to home page list you may contact us. Creation of webpage may be achieved in 2 ways. One of them is by registration on our site and using the platform on your own to create a webpage (Free Service *may change in future) or calling us on our Contact Us numbers to get help from our experts (Customer may need to pay for labor/Internet charges etc.) Customer should call our Contact us number/s available on the site to understand in details. We may use your webpage to demonstrate others, as to how to create and manage a webpage on Gallibaba.com.

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and gallibaba.com and governs your use of the Gallibaba.com Service, superseding any prior agreements between you and gallibaba.com. Gallibaba.com holds the right to stop/suspend/charge/modify based on/of/for/the services offered. This is a startup and if cannot sustain in the market, Gallibaba.com can be closed, without any prior notice to you.  Any payment made in any form will not be returned to you. On using our services, you are also made aware of the future risk of discontinuity services. However, Gallibaba.com will try its best to continue its business in the market.

The information or content shared or posted or advertised are not those of Gallibaba.com. If you find any errors or omissions or any content posted as offensive, harmful or inaccurate, the respective contributors of the content, publisher of the content or, the business owner of the content will be held responsible. Through the use of this site, you agree to hold not to harm gallibaba.com and its owners, shareholders, sponsors or employees against any and all claims related to the opinions expressed by others. You will be held responsible for the contents you share or express on the website. You may post or make contents publicly available from Gallibaba.com as long as they are under standard fair use guidelines and gallibaba.com and with the original source with a link back to gallibaba.com.

Gallibaba.com is a service provider. Gallibaba.com do not control the truth or accuracy of content posted or the safety, or legality of the items advertised or sold. All contents you enter/upload on gallibaba.com may be available for PUBLIC ACCESS/USE. Post entering the data you MAY NOT HAVE options/ways to ERASE/MODIFY the content. You may not enter any personal data or potential harmful data, if you do not wish to share to the public.

Gallibaba.com is entitled to assign this agreement, and all rights and obligations mentioned here under, to a successor to all or any of its assets, whether by sale, merger or otherwise. These terms shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the party or parties hereto and their respective representatives, heirs, administrators, successors and permitted assigns except as otherwise provided herein.

You must not upload any copyright images if it’s not owned by you. You will be held responsible legally for such act. Gallibaba.com takes NO responsibilities of such incidents or events. You may not modify any downloaded content or take out print from gallibaba.com. You must retain all copyright content items you download/upload or print.

Registration on Gallibaba.com

Use of the Website is available only to persons who can form legally binding contracts under Indian Contract Act, 1872. Persons who are "incompetent to contract" within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 including minors, un-discharged insolvents etc. are not eligible to use the Gallibaba.com website. If you are a minor i.e. under the age of 18 years, you shall not register as a member of the Gallibaba.com website and shall not transact on or use the website. As a minor if you wish to use or transact on website, such use or transaction may be made by your legal guardian or parents on the Website. Gallibaba.com reserves the right to terminate your membership and / or refuse to provide you with access to the Website if it is brought to Gallibaba.com’s notice or if it is discovered that you are under the age of 18 years.

When you register as a Gallibaba.com member, you accept all the terms and conditions. You agree to provide current, accurate and true content or information. If, after investigation, Gallibaba.com has reasonable grounds to suspect that any user's information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Gallibaba.com may suspend or terminate that user's account and prohibit any and all current or future use of the gallibaba.com sites (or any portion thereof) by that user other than as expressly provided herein.

Each member is wholly responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account login and password information. Gallibaba.com cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from a user's failure to comply, including any loss or damage arising from any user's failure to:  immediately notify gallibaba.com of any unauthorized use of his or her password or account or any other breach of security; and ensure that he or she exits from his or her account at the end of each session. Login credential protection is subjected persons data security practices, Galliabab.com will not and cannot take control on this. You agree that gallibaba.com reserves the right to publish any and all information provided as part of registration as required for gallibaba.com (except your passwords)

Usage of Service

You must not impersonate any person or entity or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity, for example, by registering an account in the name of another person or company, or sending messages or making comments using the name of another person. Any type fraud activities are restricted on Gallibaba.com and the person will be held liable for such acts.

You must not sell or transfer, or offer to sell or transfer, any Gallibaba.com account to any third party without the prior written approval from Gallibaba.com. You must not collect or attempt to collect personal data, or any other kind of information about other users, without prior written consent of the user. You must not violate, circumvent or attempt to violate or circumvent any data security measures employed by Gallibaba.com.

Gallibaba.com disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for any harm resulting from your use of third party Services, and you hereby irrevocably waive any claim against Gallibaba.com with respect to the content or operation of any third party services.

Using our Services does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in our Services or the content you access. These terms do not grant you the right to use any branding or logos used in our Services.

You agree to comply with the terms of use and acknowledge that Gallibaba.com reserves the right to terminate your account or take such other action ( including legal remedies) as deemed fit if you commit breach of any terms of use.

In the event you discover that Gallibaba.com wrongly attributed to a particular business and requires amendment, then you may please notify the same to us in writing.

By email to

Rakesh874u@gmail.com or call us.


Gallibaba.com, reserves the right to discontinue in whole or in part any portion of Gallibaba.com services or programs with or without notice. Gallibaba.com,  and other logos associated with these services are all trademarks and service marks of Gallibaba.com.

Third party trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names and copyrights found on Gallibaba.com belong to their respective owners. All rights to the Gallibaba.com material not expressly granted herein are reserved.

Third party merchants and advertisers or individuals: You acknowledge that Gallibaba.com, does not control the performance of merchants or advertisers that appear on Gallibaba.com. Therefore, if you choose to purchase a product or service, you release us from any and all claims you may have regarding the third party's failure to deliver or perform.

The user/customer by signing in this website Gallibaba.com hereby unconditionally consents to receive calls/SMS's from Gallibaba.com in accordance with the 'Do not disturb' guidelines of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) or such other authority in India and abroad Gallibaba.com further reserves the right to send emails and SMS's related to any order/communication by the user/customer in Gallibaba.com website and the user/customer agrees that the same will not tantamount to spam.

If you make any financial transactions on Gallibaba.com, including paying for network services fees, advertising banners, product placements, products or services, you may be asked for credit card or other payment information. You agree that all information you provide is accurate, complete and current and that you will pay all charges owed, including any applicable taxes. You agree that you are solely responsible for any personal income reporting and tax payments required of you by applicable government authorities.

You acknowledge that you have read this agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions.  You understand that we may at any time (directly or indirectly) solicit member referrals on terms that may differ from those contained in this user agreement. You have independently evaluated the desirability of participating in Gallibaba.com or its programs and are not relying on any representation, guarantee or statements other than as set forth in this agreement.


Gallibaba.com owns and operates this website (the “site”). Gallibaba.com respects the copyrights of others, and prohibits users from uploading, posting, distributing or otherwise transmitting any materials on the site, or engaging in any activities on the site, which violate the copyrights of others.

Gallibaba.com will understand and verify the request to rectify the errors within reasonable time. Your use of Gallibaba.com is at your own risk. This website is provided by Gallibaba.com, on an "as is" and "as available" basis. You acknowledge that any warranty/quality/specifications that is provided in connection with any of the products or services made available on or through Gallibaba.com is provided solely by the owner, advertiser or manufacturer of that product and / or service and not by Gallibaba.com. If you are dissatisfied with Gallibaba.com, site related services and/or content or information contained within the site is to stop using the site and/or its services.

Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of Gallibaba.com is done at your own discretion and risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the do.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Gallibaba.com harmless from all claims, damages and expenses (including attorney's fees) made by any third party arising out of your content, your use of Gallibaba.com, your connection to Gallibaba.com, your violation of this agreement, our terms of use or our privacy policy, and the development, operation, maintenance, use and contents of your website.

You hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Gallibaba.com, its successors, assigns, affiliates, agents, directors, officers, employees and shareholders from and against any and all claims, obligations, damages, losses, expenses, and costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, resulting from: Any violation by you of these Terms of Use.

Any third party claim of infringement intellectual property rights or invasion of privacy arising from the hosting of Your business or your personal details on the Platform, and/or your making available thereof to other users of the Platform, and/or the actual use of your business or personal by other users of the Platform or Linked Services in accordance with these Terms of Use; Any activity related to your account, be it by you or by any other person accessing your account with or without your consent.

You provide authority Gallibaba.com to login to your account and do necessary changes as on when required. To fix technical issues, to rectify data you have uploaded etc or on receiving complaints on your account.

If you are using our Services on behalf of a business, that business accepts these terms. It will hold harmless and indemnify Gallibaba.com and its affiliates, officers, agents, and employees from any claim, suit or action arising from or related to the use of the Services or violation of these terms, including any liability or expense arising from claims, losses, damages, suits, judgments, litigation costs and attorneys' fees.

Notwithstanding anything contrary contained elsewhere under this terms of use and without prejudice to other legal remedies available, Gallibaba.com shall be entitled to claim appropriate sum towards damages and compensation from you and other responsible parties in case loss of profit due to Fraud .Should one or more provisions of these Terms of Use be found to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, such provision(s) shall be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and/or enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use, which will remain in full force and effect.

Although Gallibaba.com is accessible worldwide, not all products or services discussed or referenced on Gallibaba.com are available to all persons or in all geographic locations or jurisdictions. Gallibaba.com reserves the right to limit the provision of any product or service to any person, geographic area or jurisdiction it so desires, in its sole discretion and to limit the quantities of any such product or service that it provides.       Any offer for any product or service made on Gallibaba.com is void where prohibited.

In addition, Gallibaba.com, makes no representation that materials on Gallibaba.com are appropriate or available for use in locations therefore, accessing those materials from territories where they are illegal is prohibited. Those who choose to access Gallibaba.com from locations outside INDIA do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws.

We are currently operating only in INDIA.

Version History:

Drafted on Sep 19 2016